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Located in Stamford, Ct hides a local jewel and purveyor of Guatemalan excellence. Brought to you by the Carrillo Family.

Photos by Yonatan A. Carrillo


Daniels Food Truck opened in July 2016, in Stamford Ct. Since then, our family has been serving both quality and classic dishes of the Guatemalan culture. "Bringing the Motherland to you."

We designed Daniels Food Truck with the youngest member of the family in mind. A way for the entire family to venture into new horizons, growing together. Instilling a sense of pride, hard work and dedication into all of us.

Paying tribute to our Guatemalan heritage we make everything fresh in the truck. Seasoned and prepped only to be placed on to the grill and served as if you were having a plate right at home with "abuela." Yet this does not mean we will not continue to venture into the unknown. We vow to mix it up and bring you all something new and full of "savor," making you want to SALSA all the way home.

Thank you for stopping by, we hope to see you again.


The Carrillo Family




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Mon - Tues (closed)

Veterans Park Stamford Ct
(Closed for Renovations)

Friday - Saturday
Cummings & Shippan Beach
11am - 7pm
(Closed for Season)

Wednesday - Sun
129 Atlantic Street, Stamford Ct 06902

Sunday Morning (SOCCERFIELD)
135 Stillwater Avenue Stamford Ct
(Last day Oct. 28)


Mon-Tues (closed)
Fri-Sat 11am - 7pm (Closed)
Wed-Sun  10pm–2am
Sun Morning 9am - 4pm
(Last day Oct. 28)


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Welcome to the DANIELS FOOD TRUCK feature page.

This is where we can give back to our community here in CT and all over. Also a place where we can find ways to help Guatemala. Lastly a place where we can feature news, events, and other amazing stuff we want to share with you.

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hEY GUys this is a weekly blog where you guys can come and adventure with me. we'll see food (duh), bands and artist. events, activities and just in general see what trouble we can get in to. 

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1. Atlantic Street                                 Stamford, CT 06902
Wed-Sun 9pm - 2am
(Year Round)

2. Cummings and Shippan (BEACH)
(Thur, Fri, Sat)
(Closed for Season)

3. 132 Stillwater Ave Stamford Ct
Sunday Morning 8am - 4pm
(Last Day Oct. 28)


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Thank you for checking our website out. We hope you have found everything you were looking for. But in case you didn't. Send us and email we'll get a response back to you as soon as possible.

Commonly asked Questions?
Cater? Yes, we do.
Location? Depending on the day but Follow us on Social Media we post it up with out fail, on every platform.

If you've stopped by and picked up you're SHUKO and you loved it. Write us an email. Let us know what you loved, the feed back will always be appreciated. If on the other hand it was a bad experience write to us let us know and we will fix it. We want everyone to come by and experience our food but most of all experience the hospitality we can offer. 

Thank You.

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